How to launch browser from Atom


Hi, I am new to Atom and similar Edtors.
I am used to WebStorm which is another great IDE for web development.
One thing I am not able to find in Atom is: how to launch the web application directly inside Atom IDE?

For example, I have a web application project (HTML + Javascript) in a folder.
In WebStorm, I can open this folder and select the Default.htm file, and there is an option for me to directly launch my project web application in selected browser. Not only opening the html file in browser, the WebStorm IDE actually creates a host address with specific port number. So the web app is actually running on my locahost:[port] address.

Does Atom offer the similar feature?


Try the package browser-plus.


I was looking for the same type of feature.
Did you ever figure this out?
Looking at the page of browser+package launch the browser but not a localhost browser click you are describing lease for a first look.


just found this. searching the term development server atom ide
it’s all about figuring out the right words to search for. not easy sometimes : -)

actually this seemed to work better

couldn’t get the other to install properly


Right click on the document and select ‘Open in browser’ from the pop up menu