How to launch a build with build.xml file?


Hi everyone ! :smiley:

I have a new job since 2 weeks, and my collegues work with NetBeans but I don’t like this code editor, i prefer Atom <3

We have all files that compose the website on my computer (we also use SVN), we modify theses files and for see changes in dev servor, I have to open NetBeans, right click on “build.xml” file, “Run Target” and click on “deploy”.

I’ve see “build-tools-ant”, i tried to install it but I don’t understand how it work. The best way for me is to have the same utilisation that NetBeans : a right click somewere or a button that launch build fonction…

Can you give me some help ? Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


The build-tools package has instructions about how to use it. build-tools-ant simply tells it what to do when trying to handle Apache Ant files.


Thanks for the reply, I have installed build-tools but there is no new function when I right click on the file “build.xml”. I can not configure this, I do not understand why … :frowning:


Have you created .build-tools.cson as demonstrated on that readme page?


Yes I have created this file, here a screenshot of my .build-tools.cson file

I’ve tried to do exactly the same that on readme page…


And here an other screenshot of my original build.xml (that work with NetBeans) :slight_smile:


You don’t want to add a custom command, though, and you definitely don’t want to use gcc (which is a C compiler). You want to tell build-tools to refer to build-tools-ant.


Thanks for your help but I do not understand anything, I installedbuild-tools and build-tols-ant by apm install but I still don’t understand how to configure all of that, I will continue to open NetBeans for launch the build.xml file, it does not matter …

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


When you have both of those packages installed, and you click Add Provider, you’re given the option Add Ant File. That’s what you want.