How to keep two <webview>'s private from each other?


Hi all,
I’m new to electron and this site :slight_smile:

I’m trying to create a simple window with two gmail accounts. I’ve had a go at building this myself by creating two <webview> tags. However, I’ve run into a slight issue were by if I login with one gmail <webview> it automatically logs in the other <webview> with the first webviews authentication details? I guess the two <webview>'s are sharing sessions / cookies etc is there a way to keep the two <webview>'s private from each other?

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Anyone? …


You need to use different partition for each webview.


Legend! Thank Klestofer :smiley:


Hi Jammer.
i’m also have a matter same you.
i think you did resolve this matter
could you please share your code for me refer with?
thank you!