How to install to a specific folder and then prevent any unauthorised updates trying to install into appdata

Hi all,

I’m not sure who maintains Atom, but I suspect they have never used a Windows operating system or they would know that programs are typically installed in the c:\program files or c:\program files (x86) for Windows computers, certainly not the appdata folder in the user folder.

I mean, can you imagine a world where everyone just installed their SQL servers and 60GB+ computer games all into the user’s documents folder? Thats what Atom does by default!

So, imagine any corporate environment where you have roaming or redirected profiles configured, and now you are having to dump an enter disk full of data across the network on login because some ‘genius’ has decided to repurpose the documents folder for a program files folder?

Yes, unbelievably this is the world that Atom devs exist within. And even if you force an install from the zip to a logical folder, any time it updates it tries to update into the appdata folder.

So, what is the correct method to prevent program data infection in the appdata folder in the future? Do I need to create a C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Atom folder and break all user access permissions so that instead of poisioning the filesystem I will just get errors every time it attempts to erroneously update.

Atom is now a part of Microsoft Corporation. Just like their other IDE, Visual Studio Code, it installs to AppData. Maybe it‘s time to update your worldview.

The only alternative I‘m aware if, is to use portable Atom instead.

… or install Atom in Ubuntu VM in VirtualBox in Windows. Vagrant makes this task easy. But then you would need to think Linux for all your environment. On the other hand your Atom works are held in a secure sandbox.