How to install packages offline?


My internet acces has a proxy so Atom cannont reach the net
How do I install the uber-juno packege manually and make it work on atom?
My OS is Windows 10


Unfortunately, Atom has no equivalent to VSCode’s packaged extensions, but with that particular package you’re in luck – it has no dependencies, so it’s quite easy. Simply download the archive from GitHub and extract it in %USERPROFILE%\.atom\packages. The files from the package should be stored inside a sub-folder, e.g. packages\uber-juno.

Many other packages depend on Node modules, making the process less trivial:

  1. download the package archive from GitHub
  2. extract the archive
  3. run yarn or npm install inside the extracted package folder
  4. compress the folder and email it to your work address or copy it on a USB stick
  5. extract the archive as described above


Thank you. But I already did that and this is what I obtain


dIt turns out that the package uses its own logic to install additional packages. Most packages I’ve seen use atom-package-deps to achieve this, which is why I haven’t noticed.

So, you will likely have to repeat the procedure I’ve previously described for each of those packages. Take a look at there package.json to see whether they depend on additional Node modules. If they do not, you can use the same shortcut as for the uber-juno package.

Edit: You could, of course, simply install uber-juno at home and copy all the packages it requires. Less tedious and much quicker,


Have you enabled the following setting in Settings -> Core?