How to install Atom on Macbook Pro


Hey guys! I’m new to programming and I’ve been trying to install and run C++ on a MacBook but it’s not working. What should I do to test and run C++ program.


Are you trying to install Atom, or are you trying to install a compiler? If you’re installing Atom, tell me a little more about what you’ve done and what results you see and I can help you. If you’re installing a compiler, first you should make sure that there’s not already one installed. You can try gcc --version to see if you get any response. If not, you want to go to Google and type in “install gcc mac”. There you will find the answer to all of those questions.


@DamnedScholar I installed Atom and gcc within the atom extension but it’s not showing colorful texts as it shows.


I can’t help you unless you’re more specific about what the colorful texts are.