How to install Atom (build from the master branch of its git repo) to a specific directory on Linux?



I am responsible for maintaining the Arch User Repository’s atom-editor-git PKGBUILD. This PKGBUILD, in order to work, requires the ability to install Atom to a specific directory (specifically $pkgdir). Since Atom no longer uses the script/grunt script to install Atom, I need to ask how to install Atom to a specific directory (other than /usr/local) using the script/build --install command. Like do I have to specify some environment variables or pass extra options to this command (like the --install-dir option that I would pass to the old script/grunt command) in order to install Atom to this desired directory?

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I maintain the Slackware package and am also looking for a workaround for this, perhaps we should make an issue?


Feel free, for my part I’ve lost interest as I’ve learnt how to copy contents from the out/app directory such that it serves as an adequate substitute for the install directory specification.


Did anyone find a way to do it? I have the same problem.