How to install a native node module[opencv_nodejs]


Electron version:0.37.8
Operating system:WIN7

Q1:[Using npm]

Install all dependencies, and store cache to ~/.electron-gyp.

HOME=~/.electron-gyp npm install

the [HOME=~/.electron-gyp] is not exist in my PC.

how to install it?

Q2:[Installing modules and rebuilding for Electron]

Is this command [.\node_modules.bin\electron-rebuild.cmd] 's parameter null?

or .\node_modules.bin\electron-rebuild.cmd opencv

Q3: I add the[ “opencv”: “5.0.0”] In my electron project’s package.json [ “dependencies”]

but after [npm install ], node_modules/electron_prebuild/path.txt and dist folder is not created.

I want to know the reason.