How to install a a package that is not in the package manager?


I wanted to install the tool-bar-almighty package, and is not in the package manager. There are instructions below on how to install a dependent package.

My question is, how do I install the tool-bar package on Windows, and also a Mac?



First you have to install the tool-bar package which is required:

apm install tool-bar
Then you install the tool-bar-almighty package:

apm install tool-bar-almighty


Have you tried installing directly from Atom’s preferences menu as referenced in the flight manual, both tool-bar and tool-bar-almighty are available under install packages.


Yes, I tried that, and neither tool-bar or tool-bar-almighty is listed under Preferences -> Packages. Either already installed or available to install.


try Preferences -> Install


There they are! Thank you!