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Do you see the circular logic in the first suggesting you give to new users?

Throughout the book we will use shortcut keybindings like cmd-shift-P to demonstrate how to run a command. These are the default keybindings for Atom on Mac. They may occasionally be slightly different depending on your platform.

You can use the Command Palette to look up the correct keybindings if it doesn’t work for some reason.

I still have no idea (without searching Google) on how to get to the ‘Command Palette’ on the Windows-8 I just
happen to be using at the time. Guess I would have the same problem on my Linux box!

I hope I don’t have to depend on Google to complete the logic in the rest of the docs…

Otherwise I like Atom, I’ve been using it for a little while as a passthrough (good) editor to do Java, C, etc. coding.


Add this to the initial instructions in the getting started stuff :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


There’s one learning curve where one learn that cmd on mac is basically ctrl on windows. Then opt map to alt This translate like 99% of key binding in doc.

There’s a few key binding that goes cmd-ctrl and usually those are either mapped to ctrl-alt or nothing at all (when another key binding already exist). Mostly seen those exception on “emac compatible” variants


Thanks much!
I’m not pedantic, but circular logic on the 1st. suggestion on the welcome instructions is like putting molasses in a swimming pool :slight_smile:


I’ve been using Atom for Java coding, I did hit a problem that I know is easy to fix, just haven’t plumed it yet:
Because Atom is Unicode you have to redact Java/C etc. data input files to ASCII unless you allow for Unicode
in the programs.
I can address that myself but just wanted to make the issue obvious before someone does a WTF during testing :slight_smile:


Yeah there’s discussion about producing doc that adapt to different platform.
There’s also people that fear mentioning key for all platform would make the doc too dense.

However I see your point that as command palette is used as a recovery point should shortcut don’t work it should be easily accessible.

Maybe mentioning all platform binding for this first example could be useful. Maybe even mentioning it as a general template on how keybinding usually translate.

You can read more here


plumbed for the pedantic ( my bad in millennial speak) :hushed:


How About a platform button that triggers a platform manpage for the non 1:1 mappings.
That way the perfunctory can be kept clean and to the point so newbies and the rest of
us can quickly get into the tools we need to really exploit Atom?


Note for Atom Marketing, promotion:
I’m using Atom as a part of of a personal generic IDE toolset: ‘to avoid Imperial Entanglements’ :grin:


:slight_smile: Not about OS’s at all. Simply silly to have definition that doesn’t work in all cases instructed to be used to figure out how to use it in other nonworking cases. This is a User AI design issue. Also this was introduction to the product so assumptions about the knowledge level ‘everyone knows’ is a hazardous assumption.

From a display screen AI design configuration it is also silly to assume that referencing an (alien) command line environment to get to command line instructions is presumptuous at best, arrogant at minimum, and illogical as an display screen artifact should bring up a command line manual model for those who want to use it.

If you wanted to limit the use of Atom to cmd line savvy users only then why did you design a display screen AI in the first place!


Command pallette is a very interesting way to work once you get past the learning curve.

For example in visual studio I sometime pass 30 second searching this and that menu to find the command that I want to do. Where is search in project, where is comment selection, where is split view in two files. Find the proper root item, the proper object to right-click onto, the proper sub menu that contain the command.

With command palette you type about what you want and it find the command for you. Less confusion about where is the command, and possibly some speed gain. Flip side is to learn the proper terminology. But once you found the command it’s easy to access.
There’s also more commands since the power of filtering allow to make less decision about not cluttering the UI.

You seams to have an interesting point of view on the doc, maybe you can contribute to improve them ? after all this is an open source project.


But Atom is for programmers and they are usually good at figuring out these kind of things. In any case, feel free to update the docs, this is an open-source project.


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