How to ignore vim undo files



I want to ignore vim undo files like .Readme.un~ and added this to my config:

    ignoredNames: [

but this doesn’t work. I tied also “.un~" and ".un~” without luck. I think the problem is the ~ char, but I have no idea how to escape this right.


I added .*.un~ through the settings-view UI and watched .Readme.un~ disappear from the tree-view. Then I opened my config.cson and looked at what had been added. It wasn’t escaped at all:

    ignoredNames: [


You don’t by any chance have duplicate core or ignoredNames keys do you? Cson and json silently ignore duplicate entries which is a big bug to me.


As you listed the “.git” and othner dirs I saw that they are visible but grayed out in the tree-view. With working ignoreNames they should completely hide instead, is this correct?

I tested it with the “.git” dir, because it doesn’t have this ~ char. Without luck:

Complete config:

    disabledPackages: [
    excludeVcsIgnoredPaths: false
    ignoredNames: [
    invisibles: {}
    userId: "1d87bb72-bf1b-b32b-f30d-2ee0a71e0fc9"
    useKeyboardLayout: "de_DE-neo"
  "vim-mode": {}
    flashOnUndoRedo: true
    incrementalSearch: true
    setCursorToStartOfChangeOnUndoRedo: true
    showHoverOnOperate: true
    showHoverSearchCounter: true
    useSmartcaseForSearch: true
    showOnStartup: false


No, this isn’t correct. Whether they are hidden or just de-emphasized is controlled by the “Hide Ignored Names” setting in the tree-view package’s settings:

You can also toggle whether ignoredNames are hidden or de-emphasized by putting the focus on the tree-view and pressing I.


@leedohm that worked! I didn’t thought about that core packages have their own settings, I look at them the next time. Thank you :slight_smile: