How to ignore .DS-Store in project


Is there any way to stop these files appearing in the project bar? In preferences there is ‘ignore names’ but that seems to be for something else because .DS-Store was already in there but it shows up in my project bar still.


You may find something if searching tree-view.
Have you configured anything for … yet?

More detail also on… ( also where to find ignore names )

You may also find the following helpful later on:


Not sure what you’re looking at there? I’m looking in Core settings and Editor settings and can’t see what you’re seeing there.


Sorry about that.
The picture that I have added is from Settings -> Packages (core packages) -> Tree-View.
It is this package that dictates the behaviour of the file tree seen on the left.

The first link - last two posts - has more detailed pictures than I posted.


Oh right that’s…quite weird. Anyway thanks.


Most of Atom’s functionality is compartmentalized in packages and so you have to go to the packages if you want to change the settings.