How to I run a node.js server service from within Atom?


Hello all,

I’m a log time Eclipse user and quite happy with it, but we have all this fuss around Atom and Brackets so I decided to see if there’s something interesting there for me and I’m happy to say that I really liked Atom. It’s very fast, the auto-completition is very efficient and there are a large number of really useful extensions that quite do the job.

Now, my project uses a Node.js rest api and a Dojo client to access it. The only thing I couldn’t find a way to do in a efficient way was to run the rest api service in node.js with a simple keybinding.

In Eclipse I simply configure a run configuration and when I need to start the server I simply press CTRL-F11 from any file and get the console output in a convenient window who allows me to pause, clean the buffer and some other things.

With atom I have to open the file, click in it, press ALT-R and then I get a very simplistic screen that doesn’t allow me not even to clear the buffer.

I have extensively searched the extensions database and web but couldn’t find anyone that could run a a configured
shell command linked to a keybind and properly treat the output.

Anyone knows any extension for this purpose ? How do you do it ?


This might not be too helpful but I have been using this terminal package with node.js a lot latley.
I use it to run a node.js server to serve my dev enviroment to my web client locally. I have used it both on windows and mac with no real problems to speak of. Hope this helps