How to highlight Open and Close tags (matching divs)


I found this thread but the functionality that is illustrated, on that thread, does not work for me.

Here’s what I’m actually seeing in Atom:



I would like Atom to work like this example, from CodePen…


Any ideas what I can do to get my atom working like this :arrow_up:︎ and what is shown in that other community thread.


There was a regression, but I believe it has been fixed for the next releases.


Thanks for chiming in @Aerijo.

I only dabble in some light CSS and HTML so I’m not sure what you mean. Does that mean that something in the last release of Atom broke this feature and that in an upcoming release it will be fixed?

Also, how often are there new releases?



About monthly, and the draft for the next one is already up so it shouldn’t be too long. In the meantime, you can toggle Settings -> Core -> Use Tree Sitter Parsers to revert to the old grammar system. Please try it again after the update though :slight_smile:

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Whoa!! That did it! THANK YOU!

I’ll be sure to re-check that box after the update!