How to hide jsdoc (or documentation generally)?


I’ve seen a whole bunch of packages for quickly generating structured documentation (jsdoc etc), but is there one that will hide that stuff? In some projects the signal-to-noise ratio becomes very low and reading the code requires scrolling through a bunch of (often useless) documentation.

put another way: currently i can opt-out of jsdoc blocks by clicking collapse at the top of the block in the gutter, but is there a package that will change that to opt-in?


It might be cool to have “collapse code” and “collapse documentation” commands. I don’t know of any packages that do it now, but I’d install it if someone built it :laughing:


Another possible solution would be to make the documentation more useful, so developers are less likely to want to skip it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can see how this feature would be useful though. Might make sense to add it as an option to the regular code collapse feature…