How to hide files from project folder


I was wondering how I could hide unwanted files from my project folders for example .class files, .DS_Store, .Jar ect. , I have tried adding them in under Preferences -> Settings -> Core Settings -> Ignored Names but the files still appear.
Any help would be appreciated


I have figured out how to hide the .DS files but I can still now hide the .class files


Ignored names is the way to do it if you aren’t working with a Git repository. Make sure that the Tree View (I assume that’s what you mean by “project folder”) setting “Hide Ignored Names” is set:

Atom hiding files/folders without my premission

OK I have enabled that but my .class files are still showing up in the tree view


What do you have your “Ignored Names” set to? Did you read the part about them being glob patterns?


I didn’t read the part about glob patterns, thank you very much for helping


I had the same problem and fixed it by change “.class” into “*.class” in ignore names.


Also I already enabled hide name in tree view setting. The same process of leedohm’s answer


Thank you, this was a huge help.

Just to add to this, I know it was mentioned but it took me a little bit because I never adjusted these settings, the Glob Patterns and Ignored Names are in the Settings --> Core --> about halfway down the list. Screen shot below of that.

This might a suggestionfor the Tree View, but it might be nice to have that and the Hide VCS options a function and then maybe do a keymap to them. I don’t often switch between projects where I need to see hidden files, but once in a while I will need to open a project and see those things. Its not too much of a hassle for me, but I am not sure about others, and it might be nice to toggle that in other ways.

Thank you again.