How to hide a directory from fuzzy search?


I’m working with Meteor.js and I want to hide all the compiled files because it slows everything down. Specifically everything in the .meteor/local folder.

In settings under “Ignored Names” I’ve tried:

.git, .DS_Store, *.pyc, .meteor/local/*


.git, .DS_Store, *.pyc, .meteor/local

Neither seem to work for me.


Typically these kinds of files are placed in the .gitignore and then so long as “Exclude VCS Ignored Paths” is enabled (which it is by default), the files won’t show up in fuzzy-finder.


hmm. I’m talking about using cmd+r or cmd+t to open a certain file. .meteor/local is excluded by a .gitignore but its showing up when I want to open a file.


So this option in the Settings View is checked?

And could you share the contents of your .gitignore?


I have multiple gitignores. That could be the issue.

I have one /.gitignore with just "*.DS_Store"
I have another /.meteor/.gitignore that has “local”


Well, it isn’t because it is a nested .gitignore … I just added a .gitignore to a subfolder of one of my projects and things were hidden immediately.

  • Does the root folder of the tree that is open in Atom contain a .git folder?
  • Does the file added/changed/deleted support work in this project?


Is there a way to exclude directories without using .gitignore?
I realise it requires a git repo for the .gitignore to really take effect.
Not all my projects required a git repo.


You can use the “Ignored Names” to hide directories, but it is a global setting so it generally is less effective than using .gitignore.


So outside of “Ignored Names” and .gitignore, there’s no way to ignore directories? Please see this question: How to exclude/hide specific directories/folders from search in Atom Editor, per project