How to get the Error description to show up every time error-containing code is ran


Hi, I’m a noob with a simple question.
I’m running Python code in Atom. Sometimes I run code that has errors in it. When this happens, I see the yellow warning sign appear in the output area (as an aside, what is the word for this area?).
Sometimes this yellow warning sign is accompanied by a worded description of the nature of the error. My issue is that this worded description of the error does not show up every time I run the error-containing code. Sometimes the error warning sign just appears by itself with no worded description of the nature of the error. I re-run the code and still don’t see the description I would like to see to understand the issue.
How do you get the Error description to show up every time?

I typed this out with chilblained fingers.


Mind posting a screenshot indicating the specific error messages you’re asking about?


Sure. I’m trying to learn about classes. The error is an AtrtibuteError.
When I re-run the code, the AttributeError description alternatively does not show up in my output, shows up in my output, and shows up in my output but not at the end of my output. I’m wondering what is the cause of this inconsistency?

I’m only allowed to post one image, so here’s it not showing up (the AttributeError description)


This is what I’d like to see every time, an Error description:


I’m not sure. What I see is that script successfully sends the file to the Python interpreter. It’s surprising that you don’t see the same output every time you run that file. Do you see the difference when you run it manually with the python command? Open your command line and navigate to the project folder, then run python "list of syntax". There should be some circumstance that changes between the message showing and not showing.


I get a consistent Error description when I run the file from my command line. At the same time, the Error description sometimes doesn’t show when the file is ran through Atom.
It is quite a big file. Atom takes 5 seconds or so to run it on my laptop, maybe this has an impact? I tested a smaller sized file and saw an Error description every time.


Something you need to keep in mind: Atom isn’t running anything. You have installed the script package, which sends the code to the python command and then displays the output. Python is running everything here, and if there is a difference between what you see from the package and what you see when you use it naked, the problem is with the package.

I use process-palette for everything. It gives you much more control and isn’t abandoned.