How to get rid of


Whenever I start atom, I get this annoying tab.

I tried deactivating the welcome package. I tried uninstalling the package and my config has 2 lines like this:

    'showOnStartup': false

How to I get rid of this tab?


If disabling the package doesn’t work, then I would assume that the config.cson isn’t being read on startup. Try this:

  1. Open a fresh instance of Atom
  2. Open the Developer Tools: View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools
  3. Switch to the Console tab
  4. Enter the command: atom.config.getUserConfigPath()

Is the path returned the same path as the config.cson you’re looking at?



And this is also the file I’m looking at when I’m doing “Atom -> Open your config”


What about when you execute: atom.config.get('welcome.showOnStartup')




Then try this:

  1. Exit Atom completely
  2. Execute from the command line: mv /Users/kait/.atom/storage /Users/kait/.atom/storage-backup
  3. Start Atom again


Wohoo, now it works! Thanks!


Added this topic as a reference on my feature request for easily blowing away ~/.atom/storage:


Sorry for resurrecting this topic. I still get a welcome page every time I open atom. Even after nuking the storage file. In fact I get the welcome page, and the welcome guide. Should I post an issue on github?


No. Just uncheck the “Show Welcome Guide when opening Atom” box.


Well that is bizarre. It’s good I asked here first.


Toogle Developer Tools like it is described in earlier post:

And call command:
atom.config.set('welcome.showOnStartup', false);


The easiest method is following the description I posted above:


I too had this issue, and from time to time try the different fancy suggestions listed here with little result. In the end, and in desperation I simply deleted ./.atom/config.cson, and restarted atom. It created a new one;

telemetryConsent: “no”
userId: "99999999-fb66-476c-913b-f9999999999"
showOnStartup: false

and all is well now.
OBTW not my actual userid


I’m not sure why people are continuing to post far more complex solutions to this. The solution is simple, uncheck this box:

I’m going to close this topic and create a FAQ saying the same thing to prevent people from being misled.

closed #16


Here’s the FAQ too: