How to get digraphs (greek letters etc...)


I can’t find a way to insert easily digraphs.
I miss Vim’s "ctrl-K"
Does such thing exist in atom ?


To my knowledge, there isn’t anything special in Atom beyond what is available in your operating system.


I know this is old but this result is at the top of my searches so I thought I’d share what I found.

For me it was a matter of setting up autocomplete-plus so that it wouldn’t give all sorts of pop-up dialogues. So in autocomplete-plus settings I:

  1. Unselected “show suggestions on keystroke” (the first option).
  2. Enabled keybindings (last option before the README).
  3. Set maximum visible suggestions to 1. (Less important but I prefer this.)

The default behavior is that I can type in something like \Delta then hit ctrl-space. A single line with a Δ pops up and I select it.

You can switch the keybinding for showing the suggestion to ctrl-K in the same place where you enable keybindings.


Ooops, didn’t see the replies. Sorry for that.

So, one response I found is the “character table” Atom plugin:

It aims at providing the “digraph” functionality of Vim, so exactly what I was looking for, but it has a few bugs (see for instance this issue I opened). Maintenance seems completely stopped :frowning:

Regarding @webelo’s answer : Do you need a special “file type” (LaTeX, I guess) to get this behavior that \Delta gets transformed into a delta character ? I tried what you said in a “plain text” buffer, and nothing happened.

I guess what I would need is a provider for autocomplete-plus, a bit like this one:

But that provides special chars.