How to get core class constructors?


I need to find out if an object is an instance of TextEditor, as opposed to something like a SettingsView. How can I do this? Ideally I could use if obj instanceof TextEditor but I don’t know how to get the constructor TextEditor.

I could have sworn I’ve done this before but I can’t find it anywhere in my code. Any ideas?

Edit: After digging through core I was able to find TextEditor with this code. But it is really ugly.

for provider in atom.views.providers
  if (TextEditor = provider.modelConstructor).name is 'TextEditor'


You can get the TextEditor constructor using require 'atom'

{TextEditor} = require 'atom'

if editor instanceof TextEditor
  # ...


I could have sworn i tried that . Thanks.


I did try this and it didn’t (doesn’t) work. It returns undefined.

{TextEditor} = require 'atom'

Edit: BTW, how did you get your source code colored in your post?


When you wrap your code in a block using triple backticks, add a language identifier, for example:

console.log ‘hello world’


console.log 'hello world'

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Oh you’re right, seems it’s no longer available. I bet this is going to break a lot of packages.

@kevinsawicki, @nathansobo: Is there a workaround to access the TextEditor class?


One workaround could be this:

{TextEditorView} = require 'atom'

TextEditor = new TextEditorView({}).getEditor().constructor 

It’s ugly as hell but it should work.


You could also do:

path = require 'path'

require(path.join(atom.packages.resourcePath, 'src', 'text-editor'))

But this should really be exported from the atom module. Both Workspace and WorkspaceView are exported, so it makes sense.


It’s not as ugly as what I using now. See earlier post.


atom.workspaceView is also gone

Edit: It’s a timing problem. If I put it in a process.nextTick it works.

Edit: Do they test any packages before releasing? I’ve got 14 they can test. Although I have no specs. (grin)


I dont think it was ever available. Maybe I’m missing something:

It will be deprecated, but it is not gone.

I dont think providing it solely for instanceof checks is the best thing. We should have a nice way to do what you want to do in the original post.


Ugh, I was pretty sure I had wrote that before but I must have been really tired…


After talking, the plan is to export TextEditor.


I see this hasn’t happened yet. I’ll continue to use the hack but I’ll bug you every time I need to. (grin)


It happened a while ago:


Duh. I was trying atom.TextEditor.

What is the rule for the contents of require 'atom' versus atom.x?