How to get BrowserWindow from native window reference?


Given a reference to a native window global object, how can we get it’s associated BrowserWindow object?

(This is opposite of what I’m asking in How can we get the native `window` from a BrowserWindow reference?).

For example, suppose I am using the native method to open a window, which gives me the new native window of the opened window. I am currently using the following trick (hack?) to get the BrowserWindow: ... ) // returns a native window object.
const win = BrowserWindow.getFocusedWindow() // get the BrowserWindow of the window we just opened.

Is this reliable? There could be cases when the window isn’t focused, so this doesn’t seem like the ideal way to do it. Is there an official way to get the BrowserWindow given a native window object, that doesn’t rely on the window being focused?

But, maybe I’m not using and just have a reference to a native window, and it seems like there should be some way to get the associated BrowserWindow reliably.

How can we get the native `window` from a BrowserWindow reference?