How to fix unexpected results from 'Find in Project'?



The Find in Project is not giving the expected result. Perhaps there is some configuration that I need to make, to get a better result.

We are using a Powershell script to create folders and some files that are used for a project. The text files that are created is of Unicode encoding; identified as UTF-16LE by Atom.

A sample of this is shown below. The result of Find in Project centre. To the right, two text files. An expected ‘zero’ result.

Opening the text file also have Atom identify the encoding as UTF8 with LF line endings (description.txt). If the encoding is ‘forced’ to auto detect, the encoding is seen as UTF-16LE and CRLF endings (password_V0.txt).

Changing the Powershell script to use UTF8 encoding makes that the Find in Project works correctly. It does seem however that the BOM creates some issue to Atom (first line in password_V0.txt showing too many characters).

Notepad++ and vsCode does not have the same symptoms. Not only does the find through the project give the wanted result, these also open the txt files correctly. Encoding is correct and BOM is ignored.

Is there anything I can configure in Atom to better the result?

Thanks in advance.