how to fix it?



Cant read chapanese character

This is the second thread you’ve made with the same question. Please limit yourself to posting in one thread, and please answer my questions.


sorry about that…
yes g++


If you use very short sentences without grammatical structures, I can’t be sure that I am interpreting them correctly. Do you mean that you have g++? Do you mean that it works when you run it through g++ without using the Atom package?


i am using c++ and it‘s not worked becauese as you can see at the output when it‘s cannot display japan character.


g++ is the compiler program that the gpp-compiler package uses to build C++ files. Please read this tutorial to learn how to run g++ directly, then try that outside of Atom in order to make sure that the issue is with the package.


i was try using dev c++…it’s also cannot run the program…


Please post screenshots so that I can see what you see.


Please use descriptive titles, and describe the problem in more detail in the description. The forums are not only for your benefit, they’re a community resource. Other people might experience the same problem you’re having, but they will not find the solution because “how to fix it?” doesn’t describe the problem at all.

Anyway, your program compiles and runs just fine. But your terminal won’t display the Japanese characters. That’s a problem with your terminal. Unless that terminal is part of Atom (doesn’t look like), it’s not Atom’s fault, and there is nothing the Atom developers or community can do about it. Run it in a terminal that’s unicode capable and you should see those characters displayed correctly.