How to fix Deprecation Cop messages


In that new update 0.124.0 appears on the bottom right corner an alert icon that advices about Deprecation Cop and i have this one, to say an example:

Please remove from your code. ::redraw no longer does anything

I would like to know how i can solve that problem or to know if that deprecations are going to be fixed in next updates


The Deprecation Cop alerts you to incompatible packages (and disables them), so whatever is wrong with the one that gave you this message, fixing it will be up to that package’s author, I’m afraid.


Deprecations are warnings that certain parts of the API will be going away in future updates. So they are warnings that, while things work for now … they will break in future updates. In your example, it specifically states that the redraw method no longer does anything, but in a future update the redraw method will be removed and then that package may no longer function if it is not updated before that time.

So it is important to encourage package authors to update their packages to fix the deprecation warnings before that happens.


I thought it actually prevents incompatible packages from being activated. Was I thinking of something else there?


Thanks for the explanation :smile:


This is not an issue with a package, but with the atom settings view. It was fixed here and will apparently be fixed when version 0.141.0 is released.


I think you’re thinking of the Incompatible Packages view @batjko:


It could be an issue with another package, though you’re right Settings View is a common way to run into this. I’ve seen other packages using the redraw method … so people should still be encouraged to file bugs on packages that raise this error.


Personally, I’m impressed with how many of these support tools that the Atom team has built into the system. These early warning systems are amazingly helpful to plugin authors. Heck, I wish I had debug tools like this for the applications I’m working on :wink: