How to find specific selectors for ruby code highlighting?


Hi, I’m new to Atom.
I work with Ruby, so I forked the Solarized syntax theme and tinkered around with the colors.
Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the selectors for number literals, variables and method calls.
Here is what I have

If I could get the literals to be yellow and both variable and method to be as blue as the Object, I would be satisfied.

How do I find or make selectors for specific portions of Ruby code?

Here is the theme repo.


Hi, there’s a command that prints the scope at cursor in a notification (Editor: Log Cursor Scope), you can use it to find the selector you’re searching for.


Great! That’s Command-Shift-P for me.
Then I tinkered with how to use this data in ruby.less file and ended with a theme I like.