How to file a feature request?


Looking for a way to request a feature. Currently if there are uncommitted changes in a git project, you can see the highlighted files in the project explorer on the left indicating which files have new changes.

However, you can see that ONLY IF you expand that project - you cannot tell which of your projects have uncommitted changes in them while the project scopes are all collapsed in the project explorer.

It will be nice if the project folders could also be highlighted so that when ALL your projects are collapsed in the project explorer, you can take a glance and easily tell that you haven’t committed/pushed the changes you made in one of these projects.

Really helps when you are working on multiple micro-services projects and you can’t always remember which of the dependent micro-services did you make changes in that are actually organized in isolated projects.


Hi @syedrakib - if I understood you correctly, it looks like there’s an existing request for this?

In that issue, there’s mention of this package which you might find useful:


This is perfect. I am only seeing this reply after so many days now. Thanks for the reference. Helped me indeed today.