How to figure why a project locks up the editor?


I have a project that, if opened, will lock up the editor after about 20 seconds necessitating the “kill/wait” dialog.

Every other project works fine, and this one also seems to work when launched is Safe Mode. I’ve never run into this.

How can I narrow down what extension or theme might be causing it? And why only one project?

Atom .187, OS X 10.10.2


Have you tried looking at the Timecop view?


never used it before… nothing looks weird…


Since it isn’t a startup time issue I’d check your next and after that try @mark_hahn’s package-cop package.


all I have in are 2 commands I wrote:

atom.workspaceView.command 'editor:insert-br', ->

atom.workspaceView.command 'editor:insert-nbsp', ->


Try package cop then. You already mentioned that it works in safe mode, so it must be one of the packages.