How to execute the C++ program step by step?


I have written a C++ program on atom editor, I am new to this editor. Could you tell me how to execute the program step by step. Thank You.


There are several packages for compiling code and/or running command line commands, and they all do basically the same thing: send a command-line instruction to the external program that does the compiling.

Before anybody can give you a blow-by-blow, you first have to tell us what operating system you’re running and if you have a compiler on your computer (if you’re using Windows, you will probably need to install MinGW or Cygwin in order to get one).


I am using ubuntu 14


In that case, you probably have a compiler on your computer right now. You can open the command line and type which g++ and it will show you the path to your compiler (most likely /usr/bin/g++). If that’s there, then any of Atom’s packages will work for you (you should take a look at gpp-compiler, script, atom-runner, script-runner, and process-palette). They all have slightly different feature sets, but will all get you where you want to be. You just have to choose the interface that you enjoy most.