How to execute Browser in atom?


When I make my html page and I want to show my page using Web Browser like Chrome, Firefox etc.
so, Is it possible to execute web browser in Atom?


You can use Child Process from node.js to call the open command. It would look something like this

childProcess = require('child_process')
childProcess.exec "open #{url}", (error, stdout, stderr) ->
   console.error(error) if error


And how to exec it inside one of the Atom tabs? That would be sweet… :smile:


@piranna You can use a package.


Thanks! @AbeEstrada That’s what I wanted!
But, when I tested, this package can’t read AngularJS.


Both of those packages are broken now.
We need a maintained package of it. I suck and realy hate coffee script . all APIs are in coffee script tho.


We should make Atom a super awesome IDE+Browser combo. Imagine configuring everything about your browsing experience in Atom since we already dev in it…

Or does that exist already?


It’s possible, certainly. browser-plus offers a plugin system, so it might (I haven’t tried) not be hard to expand its functionality.