How to enable autocomlete-html inside PHP file?


New to Atom. Installed Atom-IDE bundles etc, but…

Seems like autocomplete-html works only inside an html file. What about php files with html structure?


When I open a new file named demo.php and I start typing something like <div cl, I see the autocomplete popup.


Yes, I found the cause – “ide-php” plugin.

That’s sad. Moved from Sublime for IDE functionality.


What version of Atom are you running?


The latest Beta – 1.21.0-beta1


Do you know why ide-php interferes with autocomplete-html, or have you just found that you are able to fix it by disabling ide-php?


Just by disabling the plugin.


When you have ide-php active, and you’re typing HTML in a .php file, do you not see an autocomplete popup at all? If so, that’s highly irregular. autocomplete-plus allows multiple packages to offer suggestions, and you can see suggestions from different packages in the screenshot I posted. If there are absolutely no autocomplete-html suggestions, then a bug report on the ide-php repo would be appropriate.


Yes, there is no autocomplete popup at all, just as if I would type in TextEdit =).

I’ve found a similar issue on the ide-php repo. But this guy says, that autocomplete works outside of <?php ?> tags, mine doesn’t at all, only disabling the package solves the issue.