How to enable a flag

How can I enable the flag “#elastic-overscroll-win”?

What exactly are you trying to flag?


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Ummm, I’m asking how can I enable the “#elastic-overscroll-win” flag on Electron. WHO IS THAT OFF-TOPIC?

It seems like you’re the one spamming. Do you even know what a flag is? (In Electron)

It isn’t. Everyone on electron/atom is here to help future development and projects. Just trying to help by understanding what your trying to accomplish

Then why did you say that it’s unrelated to this form?

We’re here to help. spam or not

OMG, it’s not spam. I’m just asking…

Any idea???

A flag and a @mention are different…

I was trying to explain, not criticize you

And who said anything about criticism?

Anyway, is it possible to enable this flag?

I did to try and teach… I’m not reporting or flagging your post haha. Inbox me if you can

… I’m talking about flags. Chrome/Electron Flags. Like the flags in “chrome://flags”

overall ‘pointless’ for discussion boards

Anyone? Can I get an answer?

electron uses URI event handler(s)… no real need to use chrome tabs or flags unless you’d prefer to install a separate running application on a device

You can enable flags using this:


Is “#elastic-overscroll-win” supported?