How to edit keybindings for commands in packages?

I’d like to create a keybinding for a command in a package so I don’t have to open the command palette and select it every time. Specifically I’d like to make a keybinding for markdown-folding:cycle in this package here: . I found how to change default shortcuts from this question here, but I can’t find anything about commands from packages: . How do I do this? Thanks.

(My OS is Windows 10.)

No different. Commands aren’t distinguished by where they come from.

That method isn’t working though. I’m typing in the command name and nothing shows up. Here’s a screenshot.

I had a look and it looks like that command is registered when the package activates (as opposed to statically in a keymap file), and I guess the keybinding settings page doesn’t list that kind of keybinding.

It will still work to assign a keybinding to it though. Something like

  "ctrl-e": "folding-markdown:cycle"

Thanks. After I looked into changing the keymap.cson file I figured it out. I used a lot of the information here: How to replace a keymap binding . I needed to uncheck “enable” in the package’s custom keybindings in Settings -> Packages , then I added this to keymap.cson .

‘ctrl-shift-h’: ‘markdown-folding:cycle’

(I used ctrl-shift-h because it wasn’t bound to anything.)