How to edit a package to have more settings?


I’ve found a package that I rather like, but it’s quite young and doesn’t have the settings menu, so I wanted to build my own config-schema to add more to that, and then if I can get it to a reasonable standard I’d pull request it to the developer as a new feature.

The problem is, this would be my first attempt at trying to do that, and I can’t fathom even where to start, so wondered if I could get talked through it?

At the moment I’ve just configured it the old fashioned way through editing the variable directly in the source ( in the lib folder.)


Have you taken a look at the documentation?


Yeah I have, couldn’t really tell where to start though.

And: is a dead link, it loops back to the top of the contents page.


You can find the content it points to here:

I also submitted this PR to fix the old broken links in the API docs:

Unfortunately, this fix won’t show up in the API docs until v1.10.x, but … they’re fixed :grinning: