How to downgrade Atom?


How do I downgrade Atom from 1.0.3 to 1.0.2 (Windows).

Atom 1.0.3 introduced a breaking bug tor users with German keyboards, so I need to downgrade. Is the only option I have to completely remove my installation and do a clean reinstall?

How do I stop Atom from doing an automated upgrade until the problem is fixed?


I just did that: Delete ~/AppData/Local/atom and all subdirectories in ~/.atom directory except ~/.atom/packages (which are the addons I installed). Leave the files in ~/.atom untouched.

Then download and install Atom 1.0.2 from

However: It has already started to download the update, again… So I need to be careful to not restart the editor until this is fixed - which will probably a bigger problem. I don’t expect to see a fix today.


Since Atom auto-updates, the only way to permanently downgrade your install would be to build 1.0.2 from source.


… which is not an option because I have work to do.


As a workaround, you can download the zip version of Atom v1.0.2 and extract it anywhere you like. It will use your configuration files just like the automatic-installer version does (e.g. it uses ~/.atom and ~/AppData/Roaming/Atom), but it will not check for updates.