How to disable the "save session" feature?


Opening Atom without the command line re-opens any previously opened windows after 0.193.0. I really don’t like this feature. I’d like to see a fresh Atom instance (without previously opened windows, but with my package/theme/config/script/keymap/stylesheet/snippet) instead. Is there any way to disable this feature?

Disabling session preservation between launches
Clean startup (Do not load last session(file or project))
Don't reload files on launch

Try creating a shortcut or alias in your OS to just call atom. (I haven’t tried this).


Thanks for your attention.

After 0.199.0, running atom from the command line also re-opens previously-opened windows. Any other solution?


You can use atom . to activate the old behavior of opening the current directory as the project root.

There is also an open Issue on this:

Recent projects and recent files

I think that imposing a method is a bad mentality, every person has its own needs, we are not all equal.
I think it’s the user decide whether to re-open, or not, the previous files.