How to disable the default menubar


After the 0.27 update there is a default menubar, so now I have 2 bars (my own + the default)
I can’t find where / how to disable it?


Found it already:
You can outcomment it in the resources/main.js file
the part starting at
// Create default menu.


I think this should be configurable without hacking electron’s startup script. The default menu can be an eyesore under Linux (wherever there isn’t a unified menu), and unnecessary if the developer wants to implement an html menu for their application.


I’m using the latest version 0.30.1 at the time of writing.

This will remove the menu bar completely -


In your case, maybe try setting the menu to null and then create your menu and set it as the menu?


It’s working.

Thanks :smile:


Thanks @Abijeet

But if you want to disable it globally (for new windows too) you have to:'browser-window-created',function(e,window) {


Where do I put this exactly? -EDIT-
I figured it out and found out it works like this

app.on(‘ready’, function() {
app.on(‘browser-window-created’,function(e,window) {


Here how I do it,
win = new BrowserWindow({
width: 600,
height: 600


I used

mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({width: 300, height: 300, frame: false})


setMenu(null) will remove the menu, but the not frame, whereas frame: false will remove the entire interface.


You can also do it llike this. All the Window that are opening in this apps will be MenuLess.

app.on(‘ready’, createWindow)

app.on(‘browser-window-created’,function(e,window) {


But console is disabled when I set menu to null. Is there a way of doing this without disabling console?


Hi brunoczim

my main.js file looks like this and dev tools is still working

const electron = require('electron');

const app =;
const BrowserWindow = electron.BrowserWindow;

// Keep reference of main window because of GC
var mainWindow = null;

// Quit when all windows are closed
app.on(‘window-all-closed’, function() {

// When application is ready, create application window
app.on(‘ready’, function() {

// Create main window
// Other options available at:
mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
    name: "ea-todo",
    width: 900,
    height: 900,
    skipTaskbar: true,
    toolbar: false


// Target HTML file which will be opened in window
mainWindow.loadURL('file://' + __dirname + "/app/index.html");

// Uncomment to use Chrome developer tools

// Cleanup when window is closed
mainWindow.on('closed', function() {
    mainWindow = null;



when i use
the shortcut ctrl + r , don’t work anymore