How to disable session restoring?

When I close Atom with unsaved documents, the changes are actually stored somewhere and the next time I open Atom the changes are still present. Also, when I have multiple documents opened in different tabs, close Atom, and then start Atom again by opening just one of the documents, all the documents from the previous session are opened at once. How do I disable these features?

It’s not possible to disable this behavior as far as I know - the closest thing I can think of is starting Atom by clearing saved state ( but you’ll also lose unsaved data for project files so I don’t think that’s what you want? I.e. besides untitled documents, for files in your projects that you edit but don’t save, if you quit Atom and then start Atom by clearing saved state, you would lose those changes as well.

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Thanks @danPadric :+1: Based on what you described @augustinas I made an assumption that you didn’t want things like unsaved files, which files are opened for a particular project, etc. saved at all (i.e. not only when you start Atom but also if you open a particular project again).

So the setting above will make it so Atom starts with a blank environment, but session state is still saved. So if you open a project that you were working on before, any unsaved data and open files will be restored.

If you just care about Atom starting with a blank environment, then the setting @danPadric mentions is definitely what you want :+1: