How to disable auto insertion of matching quotation marks?

I find myself usually having to delete the automatically inserted ‘matching quotation mark’ – is there a way to disable auto-insertion of quotes (but not of other more useful automatic end-bracket insertion behaviours – auto insertion of } after typing { tends to be useful)

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I think it’s not possible actually, it’s the bracket-matcher package that provides this feature, but it provides a setting only for smart quotes.

Thanks for the info … This is driving me crazy, might have to learn how to hack on atom and fix this …

One solution would be to follow the same pattern that is used for smart quotes, and adding a setting to toggle the completion of regular quotes. This looks like a good way to start hacking Atom :smile:


A similar post, “How to stop atom from auto closing and swallowing braces and quotes”.

Update: This can now be fixed. Simply go to Settings (Edit->Preferences), then to packages, and find the bracket-matcher package. You should see this:

Change the “Autocomplete Characters” setting to remove whichever characters you do not want to autocomplete. Depending on which characters you use, you might have to change other settings in this menu.

I used this to stop autocomplete of the ’ character for Lisp programming.

I’m not sure but maybe if a rule such as “active only if next character is whitespace” will help struggling with braces and quotes.