How to deploy an Electron app as a executable or installable in Windows?


I want to generate an unique .exe file to execute the app or an .msi to install the application. Any tips?


I haven’t tried it myself, but it seems the answer is here


Check out: It contains a few gulp tasks for generating an installer for Windows. Per the README, you’ll need to install a third party installer tool before you’ll be able to generate the installer package.


Nice! thanks, that’s just what I need.


Xanisu, are you able to pack application inside a SINGLE and running .exe file?

or you must to share the entire folder?



I found a npm module electron-packager is easy to use. I know this is not good becoz I didn’t know what real happened, but it can get me go and run very quickly and after I found it’s working well I can explore deeper in future.