How to debug crash after closing window?


Atom will usually crash after I close a window. Closing an editor window gives me “The editor has crashed”, but there’s no additional information and I can’t access DevTools anymore since the window has already closed.

I’ve disabled every package, reverted to the default theme, and tried atom --safe. None of that helped.

How would I go about debugging this? Is there a way to see the actual exception that was thrown?

Atom 1.7.3, Windows 10 x64.


I have the same issue and am also using Windows 10 x64, Atom 1.7.4.


You can try launching Atom with the --foreground option to see if the message will print to the console. Also, you may want to check the Windows Event Log.


@leedohm That was very helpful, thanks! Upon a crash, I got this:

[18420:7316:0603/] could not start dumper
[12400:0603/095347:INFO:CONSOLE(52)] "Window load time: 1212ms", source: file:///C:/Users/Tim/AppData/Local/atom/app-1.7.4/resources/app.asar/static/index.js (52)
[12400:0603/095347:INFO:CONSOLE(41)] "keyboard-localization", source: C:\Users\Tim\.atom\packages\keyboard-localization\lib\ (41)
[12400:0603/095348:INFO:CONSOLE(0)] "/deep/ combinator is deprecated. See for more details.", source:  (0)
[4200:14960:0603/] client end. pid = 15232
[4200:14420:0603/] dump for pid = 12248 is C:\Users\Tim\AppData\Local\Temp\Atom Crashes\29e568f5-91e9-4ec4-9dd7-e52e044411eb.dmp
[4200:14960:0603/] trying to send report for pid = 12248
[4200:6216:0603/] client end. pid = 12248
[4200:14960:0603/] dump for pid =12248 crash2 id =<network issue>
[4200:6216:0603/] client end. pid = 12400

If I’m interpreting it correctly, it would seem as though it tried to send a crash and then failed due to a network error? Or wouldn’t those two be related? If it did get sent, I assume someone received a crash report with that GUID and I can check with them?


Did you check to see if this file exists?


It does. Any tool to make sense of its contents?


As far as I know, this should be a standard Windows crash dump. There are instructions here on the various tools for validating and analyzing what it contains: