How to debug a new package


Hi all,

I’m working on a package right now and can’t figure out how to debug it. Sometimes console.error forces the developer console to pop up, and other times it does not.

So right now, when something is wrong, I get no feedback/insight as to what went wrong from Atom.

I know there must be a simple key-combination to being up the developer console (like Cmd-Option-J in Chrom). Any help on what that is?


Cmd-Alt-i seems to be the answer I’m looking for.


also if you open with atom -d or atom --dev you can right click and inspect elements as well which ofc brings up the inspector and the console is there as well. this also allows you to develop packages not installed in your main editor under ~/.atom/dev/packages. the setup you probably want is to link the package your working on there using apm link or check out apm develop