How to customize my menus


Many packages add their menus to top window and context menus. So as a result plenty of unused items in menu and plenty of useful items burried somewhere deep in submenus etc. Is there a way to customize menus I use without editing the packages?


It would be nice to have a context menu script just like the keymap and snippets scripts


Or there should be an option in each packages settings to enable/disable them from the context menu the same way there is for key bindings


I just found atom.contextMenu.clear() which is an undocumented feature that will remove all commands from the context menu so you can add your own with atom.contextMenu.add()

alternatively you can search through atom.contextMenu.itemSets and only remove the ones you don’t want


Thank you @UziTech!


I just submitted a pull request to atom that will add a remove method to atom.contextMenu for better customization


I created a package that will allow you to remove items from the context menu context-menu-remove