How to cusomize symbols-view?


How can I modify the behavior of symbols-view package?

I have Bash scripts with function names containing dashes and I cannot get their names inside symbol tree view.

I tried to override default word separator characters in global settings but it does not help.


As it states in the README, the symbols-view package uses ctags. So you just need to modify your ctags installation to recognize the things you want.


I also researched it and I did not understand how to do it.
Can you give an example of the file to list only php functions?


How much do you know about regular expressions?




I’d recommend you check out Universal CTags: The original ctags hasn’t been updated since 2009.


Well, I’ve looked at both the Exuberant Ctags and Universal Ctags documentation, and I’m not seeing anything that looks like an option to tell either to ignore patterns within files. Only options to ignore specific files.


I think it’s unfortunate the Atom team have chosen CTag as a requirement for the default symbol view.
The syntax file has already parsed the file and they are able to provide symbols for navigation.
I’ve switched goto. It deserves more love :heart_eyes:.


Thanks for the tip.
I installed GOTO and it works exactly as I wanted it to.

Only functions!