How to created Single .exe fo windows with electron desktop application


I want to create one executable for my application, thank you for answer


Electron-builder would be your best bet. Otherwise you can use binary script generators like Inno setup


I’ve created a tutorial on how to do this using the electron-packager package:

And then you can create an installer for the app:


Not Windows installer launch portable apps, but on single exe


you have the tuto, or procedures ?


Hi, did you find anything ?

For mac os, it works great. Building with electron-packager . does the job, I have my very nice portable app.

electron-packager . --platform=win32on the other hand does not do the job. I have a bazillion files and I cannot distribute it that way.

Any lead ?


Hi fabien-h, may be it is a bit late for you, but I found a way (thanks google first).

I wanted to distribute a windows app made with electron in a single USB memory. I also found the horrible the jungle of dll and folders totally insane, so i moved everything inside a new folder (keeping their respective hierarchy) and the root of my USB was just a folder and exe file, follow the instructions of the link bellow.

Use this tutorial to create a “fake” exe as a shortcut to your app inside the folder, even with custom icon.

I hope it could be useful for you.

Best regards,