How to create multiline cursors


From this blog post, there is a gif of creating a cursor over multiple lines to write DEVELOPER on each line. What key combinations did you use to to do that?


It appears to be the Selection > Add Selection Below command (Ctrl+Cmd+Down on OS X).


It defaults to Alt+Shift+Down on GNU distributions.


Thanks guys.
On windows it is ctrl alt d.

the bit that confused me is that to duplicate down, the lines have to already exist in the file.’

For example, create a new file, you have 1 line by default. CTRL ALT Down does nothing you have to press enter a few times to create a few lines, then go back to line 1 and do CTRL ALT Down.

Not sure if this is by design or an issue. But love being able to do it when highlighting a word, press CTRL ALT down, you can edit all occurences of the word! Awesome!