How to create (base) C:\User\.…\ on platform-ide-terminal in Atom IDE


May I know how to create performance like Anaconda Prompt on platform-ide-terminal just like in screenshot?


You want it to perform quicker, or look similar?


Actually sir, I have a problem. I just type python in C:\User\…\directory in platform-ide-terminal and cause ‘‘python is not recognize’’ . When I run Anaconda Prompt, it can perform and run files. So, it mean that I have to run my program to alternate Anaconda Prompt and Atom IDE. I just want to run it only on platform-ide-terminal in Atom IDE.


Does running python work in the normal command prompt? I know Windows has that funny Anaconda prompt thing for Python. I can’t help any further than this, sorry.


I haven’t try in Window Command Prompt. I only try in Anaconda Prompt and Atom’s platform-ide-terminal . Thank you for your help, sir.


You have “that funny prompt thing” on all platforms. One of Anacondas most prominent features.
You can create multiple python environments. When you activate an environment, you get this:
(name_of_env) prompt:

The name is platformio-ide-terminal.
I’m not a Windows user, but I guess you have to add the path of the base env (or the env, you want to use)
to the Windows PATH variable.


@TKL-87K, thank you for your advice. I will check it .


Ok. All I knew about it was 1) I’ve never used it before, and 2) the uni computers (Windows) will only run Python in the Anaconda prompt, not the normal command prompt.


Anaconda is a specific distribution of Python with its own environment. I also haven’t used it, but I imagine that it forces you to use its prompt for the same reason MinGW and Cygwin do, because the environment is designed a specific way. And the distribution as a whole is designed for people who aren’t comfortable enough to or don’t want to spend the time to do the detail work of configuring all their tools and packages, so taking that prerogative away makes sense if you’re a developer of Anaconda and want to enforce a high-quality experience for everyone. You may have noticed that the default Windows prompt is not a very fun or comfortable experience. :wink: