How to create Atom packages from NPM package?


Is there any way i can create atom packages from my already made npm packages and not from pre-made github repository ?

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Waiting for solution.


No, there isn’t a way to simply transform a Node module into an Atom package. On the flip side, Atom packages can use Node modules as dependencies with no special transformation needed. There’s even an example of how to do this in the Atom Flight Manual:


Do you know about any alternative to NPM, which takes package information from the local device that is Windows ?

in short, is there any alternative where publishing package is same as NPM ?


Are you trying to distribute an Atom package without having to have a GitHub repo for it?


yes, but at the same time im looking for a perfect alternative to NPM.


APM is a perfect alternative to NPM. You install an Atom package from the command line the exact same way you do with a Node module. You need a GitHub repo to register your package on APM, though, and that’s for good reasons. What if your personal computer goes offline? What if you’re working on the code and you break it on accident? The GitHub requirement is to protect the users of a package from things like that.


Do you have any idea on how to remove “-”(hyphen) from the titles while publishing packages in NPM.

Thanks for responses so far.


If you’re trying to put spaces in the actual module name, that probably isn’t wise (and may not be allowed by npm). If you want your package named “foo bar baz” and someone types npm install foo bar baz, then either npm will attempt to install a package named “foo”, a package named “bar”, and a package named “baz” … or just give you an error for having extra stuff on the line. In either case, it won’t install your package. Go along with the convention of having hyphens instead of spaces and things will be much easier.

(Yes, I understand that things with spaces can either be quoted or escaped … but it is still a pain that the end user shouldn’t have to deal with.)