How to create an icon overlay with Electron?


Hello all,

I am considering Electron to rewrite an existing Windows/Mac/Linux synchronization app.

One of the features of the app is to show each file’s status (synchronized/unsynchronized) as a small icon overlay in Windows Explorer/OS X Finder and ideally Gnome Nautilus/KDE Dolphin.

You might have seen such icon overlays in apps like Dropbox or TortoiseGit:

How to implement that with Electron? I have not found in the documentation.
If the feature is not available, any hint on the best workaround to implement that separately and have it deployed by Electron?

Thanks a lot!
Nicolas Raoul


I’m pretty certain that such a feature isn’t available in Electron. You would probably have to build some sort of native component and then interface it with Electron through an npm module.


I also want to use electronic to achieve this function


This feature would be useful, I havent found even npm for that.