How to create a second BrowserWindow without seeing again the main BrowserWindow in foreground?


Dear Electron community,
I am developing a new app based on Electron and I need some advices for a particular problem.
I want to use two BrowserWindow(s) (main and action).
I want to create a new BrowserWindow (action) with a globalShortcut, and be able to close that new BrowserWindow (action) with the Esc command (another globalShortcut). So far, it works well for the first call of the action BrowserWindow. However, when I close it and re-call the action BrowserWindow, the main BrowserWindow appears on the back of the action BrowserWindow. I just want the main BrowserWindow to stay where it was and not come to the front everytime I create the action BrowserWindow. Is that possible ?
Thank you very much for your time and your help.